V-Waist Push Up Leggings D1


These incredible leggings do more than just offer a comfortable and stylish look. The V-Waist design actually helps to improve the natural look of your body by lifting at the rear and improving your appearance. Built with premium knit quality, this pair of leggings is all that and more! Super comfy, super stylish, and super good looks. Don’t let Fall Fashion pass you by and improve your confidence with this amazing pair of leggings!

We get it, not everyone has been blessed with the perfect genes. Most of us, in fact! But that’s no reason to forego a fashionable Fall look. Whether you wear them in the gym, around the home, or out on the town, these leggings are built to last while providing you with superior comfort and enhanced looks! For us “flatter” women, they’re truly a life-saver. Just take a look at some of the customer-submitted photos here on the page. Still unsure? Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee promises you’ll love them or we’ll refund every penny.

  • Premium knit material for maximum comfort
  • V-Waist design provides a natural lifting function
  • Superior fit and flexibility for use in all environments
  • Ankle-length provides flexibility for a variety of activities and comfort
  • Improves confidence and physical appearance

Think about last year when the weather began to change, and legging season came flying in. Great! One of the best times of the year! We get to be comfortable again, and don’t have to shave as much 😉 Plus, leggings offer some of the greatest versatility in our wardrobes. But one problem always prevented us from choosing to wear them…they showed too much of what we didn’t want people to see. Now, we have a solution. This incredible pair improves your look and in turn, your confidence. You’ll never second-guess your decision to wear a pair of leggings again!

Dark Gray
Speckled Gray