Portable Child Seat Safety Harness

This superior quality portable children's harness is so fantastic, you'll want 2 or 3 to have wherever you go! It's plush, polyester construction is super comfy, and the wider straps ensure your child won't have to worry about painful nylon straps that many similar items use. Turn any chair into a safe seat for you child, because we all know just how much they love a big boy or girl seat! Now you can welcome them at your table and ensure their safety and comfort without spending huge amounts of a high chair they won't like and will grow out of in a few months!

Do you ever go out to a restaurant and try to use those stiff wooden high chairs for your child? They're pretty terrible! And what's worse, your child always seems to escape from them. This happens for three reasons: It's uncomfortable, they want to be just like you, and those tiny straps aren't secure. But it's your lucky day, because this durably constructed seat harness can be taken anywhere you please and turn ANY chair into a comfortable and safe seat for your child!

  • Available in two colors: Blue and Red
  • Superior, durable polyester construction that won’t wear down
  • Improved strap thickness to ensure comfort
  • Wider straps for a more secure and snug fit- Keeps child from escaping
  • Can be placed on any chair!
  • Comfort-backing provides cushion for your child’s head
  • Recommended for ages 9 months- 4 years old
  • Easy to remove, machine-washable!

Do you remember that night you finally decided to try going to restaurant again? The last time was a nightmare, the kids were bouncing all over the place and no one could enjoy a meal! No worries, that’s what parenting is all about, and we love those moments. But boy does it make for a difficult time! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could at least eat??Easily toss this into your bag and carry it along with you to solve the problem. It’s a no-brainer, and our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee promises you’ll love it!