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Bright Lily Wall Decor Set

Give your home a vibrant and colorful, beautiful springtime appeal any month of the year with the Bright Lily Wall Decor Set. This set features a few sprigs of gorgeous white lilies that are large enough to turn any wall into an accent or put a beautiful finishing touch on a completed room. Featuring lovely accent leaves to accompany the sweeping floral design, this décor piece can easily transform the look and feel of your home.

Do you notice that your current décor (or lack thereof!) just seems to be missing that key element to take it from just a few photos on the wall to a perfectly designed expression? It’s very common. Luckily, our wall décor sets solve this problem in just a few minutes! The Bright Lily Flower set offers a soft and calming vibe to your home that can easily highlight your photos and other décor choices. We guarantee you’ll love the look of this large set to bring your home to completion!

  • Large display to fill those pesky voids
  • Features individual leaf pieces to apply however you choose
  • Customizable, DIY feature allows you to place however you choose
  • Fast and simple application
  • High quality PVC construction provides long-lasting durability

Isn’t it a little awkward when you walk into a room that suffers from “plain wall syndrome??” Perhaps it seems fine right now…but who wants to settle for just fine? Why not express your personality and introduce a touch of love and beauty to your walls? This amazing design delivers just that, and our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ensures it will be just the right piece to add!

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